Core Values

About Us – Core Values

What is a core value?

Core values are those characteristics of the church that make us distinctive from other Christian churches. These differences do not infer that we are better, but only that we have different methods and practices. We share a core of beliefs on all major doctrines with most evangelical Christian churches (see Statement of Faith). Where we differ is in the outworking of our worship, structure and methods.

Growing Relationship with God

We believe that once a person accepts Christ as his or her savior, that person begins a life-long journey of growing in a deeper relationship with God. Therefore, we value and encourage:

  • Understanding God. Learning God’s character and how He interacts with us.
  • Personal Devotions. Talking to God through prayer, distinguishing God’s voice through the Bible, quietly letting the Spirit speak.
  • Character Development. Becoming more Christ-like in our thoughts and actions.
  • Financial Faithfulness. Letting God shape and test our hearts through our use of money.

The Great Commission

One of the primary purposes of the church is be engaged in the gospel – sharing the good news of Christ, serving and loving our community, and being an example of Christ to the unbelieving world. Therefore, we value and encourage:

  • Sharing Our Faith. Understanding the gospel and speaking it as we have opportunity.
  • Serving and Loving the World Around Us. Showing Christ’s love to the world.

The Local Church

The church is made up of all believers across the world. However, much of the great work of God in the world flows through local congregations. The local church functions as a family, as a body, as a flock and as an army. Therefore, we value and encourage:

  • Local Leadership. Pastors are raised up, as much as possible, from within the local congregation.
  • Life Groups. Living life together and loving each other in practical ways happens when we spend time together.
  • Church Wide Ministry. The church is organized and functions based on the spiritual gifts and talents of its members.
  • Mentoring/Discipleship. Encouraging, teaching and challenging each other to grow as Christian men and women.

Strong Families

We believe in the great value God puts on the family. Family is the training ground for future disciples, and the building block for a healthy society. Therefore, we value and encourage:

  • Marriage Relationship. Couples are encouraged and supported in building healthy and godly marriages.
  • Parent Child Relationship. Parents are supported and instructed in raising children in a godly and loving manner.
  • Children’s Ministry. The church is committed to providing effective and engaging children’s programs to compliment and support parent’s efforts.